Mesothelioma medication is a help to fight the disease

Definition of mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that attack mesothelium area in the lung, the abdomen, or the heart positively creates by asbestos exposure which turns into microscopic fiber when it breakage and spread to the open air and breath in accidently by people who work directly and related or leaving around with the asbestos. The symptom doesn’t appear immediately after the breath in but incubates for 20 to 50 years to develop cancer cells.

Mesothelioma Medications

The important aspects to decide which medication will acceptable with the mesothelioma treatment are:

  1. The location of the cancer cells
  2. The stadium of the cancer
  3. The patient’s conditions

The common medication for mesothelioma is surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy treatments. But the integrated of these medications are also applying.

The Main Stages

Since the symptoms never show up due to incubation periods of the cancers, so it’s so hard for the doctors to diagnose. Some test has to be conducted regarding mesothelioma medications. The tests are:

  1. The blood test to analyze the blood cells level
  2. The CT scan and MRI to observe the location of the cancers had growth
  3. The lung test to estimate the power of the lungs’ pumping
  4. The lungs’ perfusion test to estimate the flow of the lungs’ blood
  5. The Echocardiogram to look cancer if they reached to the heart


A close relationship between the doctor and the patients will cast away the fear of the surgery, the surgery has to be done on an empty stomach, come next with TED stocking and anesthesia.

After postoperative a patient will put on an oxygen mask, a drainage tube, and an intravenous infusion. After lifting the cancer cells, a chest drain tube will be paired to the patient, to help the lungs pumping the air.  Some painkillers drugs will be giving during the healing to reduce the pain while recovery period. At last but not least is some exercise for breathing with the chest need to be conducted to increase the speed of recovery.



Chemotherapy is a common treatment for cancer and often combines with radiation therapy in mesothelioma cases. The contra indicators for chemotherapy are the decline in red and white blood cells create anemia, a deficit of immune, nausea, be in pain in the bone marrow besides the cells of stomach, mouth, skin and hair. But, there are other drugs prescribed to prevent all contra indicators from above.

Radiation therapy

The radiation rays eliminate the damage cells including the normal cells. However, these therapies offer more than it takes. The diffusing of high-energy rays to destroy the cancerous cells DNA, it can use to cut down the cancer cells before surgery and can combine with chemotherapy. The doctors will guide due to process therapy. It is very expensive, but this therapy is most effective to against mesothelioma.

New types of Mesothelioma medications

Through the different types of clinical test and researchers, The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is an attempt to reach a goal for better treatments regarding mesothelioma.

  1. Gene Therapy, these types of therapy is by injecting a modifying gene to the patient’s body to fights the cancer cells with fresh cells.
  2. Immunotherapy is the process of stimulating our own immune system to against cancer from the inside.
  3. Photodynamic therapy, using a light source reacting combine with oxygen produce a photosensitizing, it let out a precise chemical to destroy the cancer cells.

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